Have you ever wanted to swim with whale sharks? Or snorkel a pristine, vibrant reef? Perhaps explore the ocean deep or even deep space? Deep Dive will take you there… visually, physically and emotionally. This is VR you can feel!

Feel a gentle flow of water as you glide alongside graceful humpback whales; a sensation of tickling tentacles as you float through a school of jellies; or a rush of water so strong you’re pulled through a series of corkscrew turns, while zooming past a sunken shipwreck.

Bring your friends and family. Up to 10 people at a time can experience the underwater virtual dive.

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A DeepDive VR system configured for 10 guests at a time

A DeepDive VR system configured for 10 guests at a time

Built in partnership with SubSeaSystems

Deep Dive VR is a collaborative creation from leading innovators– Sub Sea Systems, Inc. and Ballast Technologies, Inc. Born from a chance meeting at a trade show, a shared passion for the water, and a mutual drive to introduce new experiences to the industry. Welcome to the next level of immersive virtual reality. 


Since 1985, Sub Sea Systems, Inc. has developed unique aquatic products that are in use at popular tourist destinations around the world. The company constructed more than a dozen semi-submersibles and submersible vessels, created the Sea TREK® helmet diving program, produces the solar-electrically powered catamaran—FunCat®, created Clear Lounge® underwater oxygen bar, and introduced the award-winning underwater driving experience – Aquaticar™.