Development is currently underway for the first commercial experience that will let guests feel like they are swimming with pods of whales, schools of dolphins and even herds of sharks.


Our vision

Imagine an environment that is completely endless, thanks to a controlled current that keeps you centered. Imagine feeling completely weightless, free and immersed in a world that is wholly unfamiliar. Imagine feeling the vibration against your skin as a virtual whale greets you and takes you along for a magical journey. This is all possible with our hardware and the research in Aquatic Virtual Reality that Ballast has commissioned


Training Simulation

Ballast is working on developing technology and a tracking standard that will enable aquatic VR to be used by space agencies and training simulation centers to give incredible real time feedback to specialized trainees and astronauts in training.


Patented technology

Our headset prototype employs a unique design that maximizes space and the unique properties of water.