Aquatic Virtual Reality

Ballast is proud to have welcomed 270,000 paying VRSlide customers at the following locations:


A lightweight waterproof headset

At 393.3 grams, our headset is designed to be comfortable, durable and water resistant. Utilizing technology like wireless charging, NFC and a pass-through camera, we've engineered the headset to be forward thinking, inexpensive and comfortable for waterpark guests.

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 10.18.43 AM.png

Patented dual-sensor system

Ballast has developed a patent-pending tracking system that relies on two advanced technologies: machine learning of accelerometer signatures and ultrasound beacons. The position estimates from these are combined to provide an accurate 3D position of the rider, using the latest filtering algorithms. The precision of this technique eliminates most motion sickness commonly felt in early virtual reality experiences.

Lutzmannsburg Charging Room 2.JPG

Charging cabinet and analytics

At the end of operation, each headset docks in a charging cabinet and wirelessly sends information from that day's operations to our secure servers. We deliver high quality analytic reports about rider capacity, content selection and headset performance.

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Thrilling VR content that is easy to refresh

We've built our system around the Unity game engine. We can easily make tweaks, push updates and create brand new experiences for your park so that your guests have something new to look forward to with every visit.