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Virtual Reality

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DIVR - Virtual Reality Snorkeling

DIVR is a world-first system that can easily be set up in any pool, giving guests an experience like no other VR system has before. With no major infrastructure or renovation expenses to install for operators, un-utilized pool space can start being monetized instantly.

Utilizing snorkels in shallow water, DIVR is safe, unique and lots of fun for all ages.

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DeepDiveVR -

the full sensory experience

DeepDiveVR is a high-capacity attraction designed to be a self-contained addition to any waterpark, theme park, resort, cruise ship, port of call or retail space. Thrusters, jets, bubbles and vibrations are paired with an amazing VR journey to give a thrill-ride experience to up to 10 guests at a time!

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VRSlide System

The VRSlide system has welcomed over 260,000 paying guests in the first fifteen months of operation at Therme Erding, Aquapalace Prague and Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg.

Learn how we built the world's first commercial VR Waterslide experience and find out how you can bring it to your destination.

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