About Ballast

In the nautical language, a Ballast is a weighted object that brings stability and balance to its carrier. Our ultimate vision is to create an experience that will forever change its participants and offer a completely new way for them to find their center of balance.

We believe that Aquatic VR may be the most powerful application of virtual reality yet. With the absence of gravity, the mind is readily transported to virtual worlds beyond our own. 

Our aim is to immerse guests in worlds that take advantage of sound, tactile sensation, vibration, zero gravity and many other amazing properties of water – to place them at the center of an one-of-a-kind attraction that must be experienced to be believed.

Ballast was founded by a small team of creative technologists in San Francisco, with backgrounds at companies like Avegant, Cisco, Reddit, Vox Media and Discovery Digital Networks in hardware design, large scale VR tracking systems and content creation.



Designed in California, Built in Germany

Ballast created the VRSlide with help from our German-based partners Wiegand Maelzer. Wiegand Maelzer is the only slide manufacturer that specializes in designing and building both steel and FRP slides. Their excellence in design and engineering has set them ahead of the curve for the past 12 years, but their passion for innovation became proven in April 2018 with the opening of the SlideWheel (pictured) at Chimelong Water Paradise in Guangzhou.

Visit Wiegand Maelzer's Website